Hi, I'm Sourov. I develop web applications using Laravel and WordPress which help the internet world to be more prosperous.

Though my full name is Sourov Roy Chowdhury, if someone calls me Roy it feels better to me. I have started my software engineering career in 2015. I joined weDevs in November 2018 which triggered my learning opportunity to a new stage. In continuation of this, I became a Certified Laravel Developer in April 2020. 

I started my PHP and WordPress learning in 2014. In the first two years of my career I worked with WordPress, from 2017 I started learning Laravel. My first Laravel application was in version 5.3. Laravel brings PHP to a new level, nowadays we can plan a large-scale application using Laravel.

I completed my Diploma In Engineering from Feni Computer Institute in 2015, and I completed my bachelor's degree in Computer science from Dhaka International University in 2022.

When I learn new things about programming I try to write the thing as an article in this blog so that it can help me and others.