Testing WordPress

Unit Testing for Your WordPress Plugin

This article is also published on Unit testing is one of the software testing types which includes the initial testing phase where the smallest components or the modules of a software are tested individually. If you want to reduce your WordPress plugin bugs from production then this is the technic that will help you […]

CI/CD Laravel

Laravel App CI/CD using GitHub Actions

This article is also published on Continuous integration becomes mandatory when every second of your application uptime is important. By using Continuous Integration (CI) we can test our codes are working or not through PHPUnit. When all of your tests are pass then you need to deploy the application. Why GitHub Actions? If your […]


Setup Ubuntu Webhook

What is a webhook? Webhooks are events that trigger an action. In most cases, they are used for communication between systems. This is the simplest way of getting an alert when something happens in another system. What we can do using webhook on Ubuntu? Using webhook we can easily run an HTTP server and create […]

Database MySQL

MySQL Command to Create Database and Grant Permission

Sometimes we don’t get access to database client then we have only one option to create database is command line, But developers don’t like memorize commands so here we will find all necessary commands to create a MySQL database, create a new user and assign this user to newly created database also grant permission to […]